Friday, March 15, 2013

No More Wimpy Art!

OK, art is not a guy thing.

Pretty flowers, lovely English cottages, and what the hell is that junk, turns you off?

Well I've had enough also, so I've created this site to sell my art work that I've created for GUYS.

Guys who like strong simple images of boats, planes, cars and buildings. Stuff that looks good on your walls and doesn't make you look like an art major want'a be.

Each print is hand printed with 100% cotton rag paper using my 50 + year old press. The prints start from a woodblock that is hand inked with a brayer. High quality cotton paper is then dampened and then pressed onto the block thus transferring the ink from the woodblock along with the indentations of the carving.

All the woodblocks are carved by hand. A labor intensive process.

So check out my stuff and if you like it click the pay-pal button or just leave a comment.


To see more about this process go to my other site here:

Hand carved woodblock ready to print on my press